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Who can study this Master’s Degree?

Those students and/or professionals who have finished their Degree or Licenciatura Studies in Psycology, Medicine, and in other Degrees in Health Sciences or Social Sciences related to it.

Does it require a full-time dedication?

No. The courses are carried out in the evenings. Most of them take place from Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 20:00.

Has this Master’s an exchange programme?

No. The Master’s degree does not plan, currently, the exchange of students within the Erasmus programme or other international exchange programmes.

Which aspects have to be taken into account for the selection of future students?

These aspects must be taken into account when it comes to valuating the application form, but it is not necessary to meet all the requirements.

  • The mark of the academic record and the CV.
  • Having basic knowledge on the fields that are studied in this master. For this reason, those students who have taken optional subjects related to these contents will be taken into account.
  • Work experience related to the thematic of the Master’s.
  • Link/partnership in research line present in the Master’s.
  • Having an intermediate English level both spoken and written.

In the event that there are more applications than free places, a weighting of the requirements will we carried out as follows:

  1. Average mark of the student’s academic record.
  2. Mark in the optional subjects related to the contents of the Master’s (excellent 1 point, good 0,5 points and sufficient 0,2 points).
  3. Work experience related to the thematic of the Master’s. 1 point for every year of work experience.
  4. Link through partnership grants: 1 point per grant and year claimed.
  5. English qualification: B1 3 Points.

Is it a face-to-face Master’s Degree? :

Yes, it is an official master’s and its lessons are taught face-to-face.

What is the minimum number of credits I can enrol in?

30 credits, this is the minimum number of credits per student.

How much is it the enrolment?

€42 per each credit.

Where can I carry out the pre-inscription?

On the web of the university, in Postgraduate studies.

Can the Master’s Degree be 100% online?

The Master’s is not online, but face-to-face.

The issued certificate is an Official Master’s Degree?

The issued certificate in Official (this master’s is verified by the ANECA and by the AVAP)