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PHERTILIZER - Circular system for the recovery and agronomic valorisation of phosphorus

  • May 26th, 2020
PHERTILIZER - Circular system for the recovery and agronomic valorisation of phosphorus


July 2018 – December 2021




Purification of Mediterranean waters (DAM).


Universitat de València (Principal researcher of the UV project: Alberto Bouzas, member of the CALAGUA-UV group)

Timac Agro

University of Navarra





The project will develop a new fertilizer with a struvite base that allows restore and agronomically enhance the phosphorus recovered in the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP).  This new fertilizer will integrate the struvite recovered in complex NPK fertilizers to favour its properties and its subsequent use on a commercial scale.


The project will study the physiological and agronomic pathways of the mineral nutrition of the crops when they undergo a fertilization programme with this new fertilizer based on struvite.  Moreover, an on-line virtual computer tool will be defined to help decision-making on fertilization strategies that will optimize the use of this new fertilizer and will support the farmer in its application.


The main objective of the project is to encourage and promote the recovery of nutrients in WWTPs and their sustainable use.  For this, the work will be fundamentally based on three fields:


In the treatment of wastewater by researching advanced techniques to maximize the recovery of phosphorus in WWTPs and its integration into WWTPs exploitation strategies.


In mineral nutrition with the development of a new fertilizer that has as a component the struvite recovered in WWTP and in the study of the physiological and agronomic mechanisms that promote a sustainable use of this new fertilizer.


In agriculture through the development of a computer tool that facilitates the farmer to make efficient use of water and sustainable fertilizers simultaneously.


Funded by: FEDER/Ministry of Science and Innovation  – State Research Agency (AEI). Thematic Objective of the Operational Programme:  To promote technological development, innovation and quality research. Project RTC-2017-6049-2