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Due to the professional and research orientation of the Master’s degree, the Work placements will be carried out in a company, in the case of students opting for a career-focused one, or in a research centre, if students intend to continue their studies aimed at developing the doctoral thesis. In the latter case, there would also be the possibility of work placements within the research and development department of a company. 

The Master’s Programme Academic Committee, along with the Work placements academic supervisors of the UV and UPV, is responsible for maintaining a stock of placements offered to students depending on the specialty they choose. Students also have the option of proposing the place of stay to the academic supervisor who will assess the activity of the company/organization and the tasks to be developed, in order to establish its relationship with the field of environmental engineering. If the proposal is accepted, the student will be able to carry out the work placement’s activities at that place. 

Work Placements consist of 6 ECTS credits, which represent 120 hours of stay in the company or institution, in addition to 30 hours of students’ individual work. Work Placements intend to:

 1.       Come into contact with working life, professional and/or researcher.

2.       Solve problems related to environmental engineering by applying the skills acquired.

3.       Acquire the ability to work in team.

4.       Make decisions based on the skills acquired 

Work placements assessment is carried out through a report in which the student will present the work done, which is 90% of the grade, and assessment surveys completed by the supervisor of the company, accounting for 10% remaining. 

For more information please consult the teaching guide of “Work Placements”, in the tab Study Plan.


UV’s Contact

 Academic supervisor

Nuria Martí Ortega


UPV’s contact

Academic supervisor

Joaquín Serralta Sevilla