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The subject of external practices aims to the practical training of the students of the master.

External practices have as main contents:

1. The student take contact with the labour market, either at private enterprises, companies or public administrations. This contact, facilitate the labor insertion of the / graduate/a, either in the company where he practices or other companies/entities who value the experience.

2.The student may apply to the workplace rights of equality between men and women, respect and promotion of human rights and the principles of universal accessibility and design for all, and respect the values and fundamental democratic.

3. The student can apply the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired during his training in a non-academic setting, valuing and appreciating critical priorities, pressures and external conditions and internal to determine the daily operation of a company
or the administration.

4. The student values and understand the importance of teamwork, taking on the role to be assigned within the same and trying to play their role according to the norms, procedures and general culture of its center of work and agreement with the ethical principles of the profession.

5. The student learn to communicate effectively with their tutors, both in the company or administration as at the University, as well as with their colleagues in the workplace, so that you can set up specific training objectives of the practice and reach them effectively.

6 The student becomes familiar with the work in multidisciplinary teams and in decision-making.

Collaborating entities:

Conselleria d'Agricultura, Medi

Ambient, Canvi Climàtic i Desenvolupament Rural

Vicepresidencia i Conselleria

d'Igualtat i Polítiques Inclusives

Presidencia de la Generalitat

Agencia Valenciana de Seguridad y Respuesta a Emergencias