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The subject of external practices aims to the practical training of the students of the master.

External practices have as main contents:The subject of external practices aims at the practical training of master's students.
External practices have as their main content:

  1. Whether the student takes contact with the labour market, be it in the private company, companies or public administrations. This contact facilitates the insertion of the egressive into work, either in the company itself where it performed practices or in other companies/entities that value the work experience.
  2. That the student can apply fundamental rights and equality between men and women in the workplace, respect and promotion of human rights and the principles of universal accessibility and design for all, and respect for democratic values.
  3. That the student can apply the knowledge, skills and skills acquired during their training in a different environment than academic, critically assessing and appreciating the external and internal priorities, pressures and constraints that determine the day-to-day running of a company Or administration.
  4. May the student assess and assume the importance of teamwork, assuming the role assigned to it within it and trying to play its role in accordance with the rules, procedures and general culture of its workplace and in accordance with the deontological principles of the profession.
  5. Let the student know how to communicate effectively with their guardians, both in the company or administration as well as in the university, as well as with their peers in the work center, so that they can set the specific training goals of the practice and achieve them effectively.
  6. That the student is familiar with work in multidisciplinary teams and decision-making.

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