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Master's Description

This master's degree offers advanced and comprehensive training in the knowledge of the territory and its techniques of analysis and management in relation to environmental issues and regional planning. It is aimed both at students of different grades (geography, environmental science, biology, economics, engineering or architecture, etc.) who wish to integrate into the workplace corresponding (private or public enterprise) as professionals in exercise that require update and improve your score. also provides the methodologies and contents necessary to engage in research and to undertake a doctorate in this field. He is a master with character professionalizing and therefore are used different techniques of analysis and diagnosis, making emphasis in the management of geographical information systems.

The issue posed by this Master has a character clearly discipline and is intended to provide to the society of a new profile of specialists in territorial and environmental management, which their theoretical/practical knowledge allows them to meet solvency the problems that may arise them.

The master's degree consists of 60 credits, although it can be done on time partial. All students must attend a mandatory trunk (28 credits):

-Code 41052. Natural systems and society

-Code 41053 techniques for the analysis and processing of geographic information.

And then you can choose between two routes (20 credits):

Route a. consists of two modules:

-Code 41054. The physical environment. Field work and mapping.

-Code 41055.restauracion of the natural environment and analysis of climatic alterations.

Route b consists of two modules:

-Code 41056. Geographic information systems and modelling techniques.

-Code 41057. Qualitative and quantitative techniques for planning and territorial management.

In addition to mandatory form, all students have to perform practices in companies and institutions (6 credits) and perform a Final work of Master (6 credits).

Videos of the Teaching Innovation project: "Adaptation of the teaching of the Geographic Information Technologies to blended teaching"