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Master's Degree goals

Form, from an interdisciplinary perspective, territorial and environmental management specialists, whose theoretical/practical experience allows them to solve solvency problems that may arise.

He is a master with distinctly professional and therefore are used different techniques of analysis and diagnosis, with special emphasis on the management of geographical information systems.

Intends to provide students of the following skills:

-Ability to perceive and manage environmental problems affecting the territory considering the different perspectives of those involved.

-Ability to organization, planning and management of territorial and environmental information.

-Knowledge of principles and legal framework of the management of the territory, methodologies and instruments of planning and territorial development models.

-Analysis and mapping environmental and territorial management.

-Quantitative analysis techniques.

-Management of geographical information systems applied to environmental and territorial problems.

-Spatial remote sensing techniques.

-Learn how to use qualitative information gathering techniques: design and operation of surveys and interviews, observation and field work.