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Degree number of credits: 60

Compulsory credits: 28

Elective credits: 20

Final project: 6

Work placements/Internships: 6

Degree code: 2001

Years: 1

Teaching type: face-to-face

Knowledge branch: Social and legal science

Master degree website:

Places available for new students: 40

Minimum number of enrolment credits per student: 36

Price per credit
[2023-2024 academic year]:
35,34 €

Management Centre: Faculty of Geography and History

Languages used in class: Spanish and valencian

Participating Universities: Universitat de València

Academic Coordinating Committee: Jaime Escribano Pizarro (Director)
Juan Miguel Albertos Puebla
Adolfo Calvo Cases
Mª José Estrela Navarro
Emilio Iranzo García
Carmen Zornoza Gallego
Nieves Domínguez López (PAS)


For the 2023-2024 academic year, this master's degree is offered without specialties, the set of optional subjects offered are the following:

41055 Restoration of environment and analysis of climatic alterations
41056 Modelling techniques and geographical information systems
Academic, scientific or professional interest: This Master's Degree offers advanced and comprehensive training in the knowledge of the territory and its analysis and management techniques, in relation to environmental issues and spatial planning. It is aimed at students of different degrees (Geography, Environmental Sciences, Geodesy, Biology, Geology, Economics, Social Work, Sociology, Political Sciences, Tourism, Psychology, Engineering or Architecture, etc.) who wish to enter the corresponding labour field (private company or public administration), as well as practising professionals who need to upgrade and improve their qualifications. The master’s degree aims to prepare professionals such as: - Technician responsible for environmental issues in business of different sectors and in public Administration. - Environmental consultant. - Adviser of protected areas. - Technician responsible for the execution and monitoring of environmental audits and studies of environmental impact. - Environment professionals in the industrial sector on environmental issues or in environmental process engineering. - Researcher in universities, business or other research centres.

PhD programme linked to this Master’s programme: Doctoral Programme in Mediterranean Geography and History from Prehistory and Modern Age

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