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Mobility in Master's Degree in Food Quality and Safety

The Master’s envisages the exchange of students within the Erasmus programme and, for that purpose, agreements that have currently registered the UV with different European universities. In this sense, it is worth noting that the University of Valencia has a long experience in mobility and has an appropriate organisational structure, devoted to performing different actions for outgoing students (who move to other universities) and incoming students (those who, from other universities, go to the UV).
Among them, we could mention:

  • Outgoing students: actions of support and guidance to the course such as timely information on the academic offer of other officially approved degrees and the grants that could be requested by the students.
  • Incoming students: sending detailed information to the university of origin for transmission to students. Once incorporated into the UVEG, they are given information material and are told about the steps that they must made from that moment.

Usually, in early October, welcome days are made in which they are given practical data about the city, the university and their studies. Throughout the entire course different sociocultural actions are carried out, from guided tours by university professors to visits to museums, institutions, etc.

By virtue of the bilateral agreements, the exchange of 1 place for a period of six months between the University of Valencia and Università Degli Studi di Perugia (Italy) is established. The conventions are managed by the International Relations Service of the UV, relaciones.internacionales @

All the mobility programs are taken in the credit transfer system (ECTS), so that there is a commitment to recognising credits made in the host university and its incorporation into the student's record.

Regulatory legislation: Specific rules of exchange programmes in the Master’s university studies (Approved by the Governing Council dated 22 July 2009. ACGUV 141/2009).

For further information check the Erasmus programme of the University of Valencia: advertisements and official announcements