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The Committee for Academic Coordination of the Master’s Degree will select the possible candidates according to the following criteria:

  1. ACADEMIC RECORD: Only the academic record of the academic degree of origin will be considered. For the points, the average mark of the academic record and of the subjects directly related to the field of the master’s will be taken into account. Up to 10 points
  2. RELATED DEGREES: Other diplomaturas, licenciaturas, doctoral degrees in a different field than the academic degree of origin, as well as other master’s degrees. Up to 5 points.
  3. PROFILE: Specialisation courses different than those specified above (attendance at conferences, seminars, specific courses, extension courses, etc. taken during or after the degree, related to the Master’s). Up to 5 points.
  4. FPU (grants for the training of university teaching staff) OR ASSIMILATED GRANTS: up to 5 points.
  5. RESEARCH PROJECTS: theses, dissertations in other similar fields; undergraduate degree final projects, publications related to the master’s degree or to the degree with which the student accesses the master’s, tasks developed in contracts and R&D projects related to the master’s, etc. Up to 5 points.
  6. ACCREDITED LANGUAGES: up to 5 points.
  7. HAVING COMPLETED THE ACADEMIC DEGREE OF ORIGIN WITHIN FIVE YEARS PRIOR TO THEIR ENROLMENT: The ultimate goal of this criterion is to facilitate, seeking the logical balance between youth and experience and always taking into account professional capacity, the access to doctoral studies of the young professionals who, for that condition, have less experience than people with more time in the profession. Up to 5 points.
  9. OTHER QUALIFICATIONS: extraordinary licenciatura award (of the licenciatura with which the student accesses the master’s) or other assimilated awards; other prestigious awards related to the Master’s or to the degrees taken into account, etc. Up to 5 points.
  10. PERSONAL INTERVIEW (if necessary). Up to 5 points.

Total: 50 points maximum.