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The Master’s Degree in “Law, Business and Justice” has a workload of 60 ECTS CREDITS and aims to provide students with an advanced and in-depth knowledge in a strategic, complex and changing sector as Law, also characterised for being interdisciplinary. The Master’s degree aims to make it possible for legal professionals to begin or continue their research activity with a programme that fits them, both regarding its schedule and its content: in this sense, it is a blended learning programme that combines online and face-to-face teaching.

The programme is open to lawyers, notaries, judges, registrars, law graduates, public employees, national and foreign law professionals who want to acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of economic and business law, a very relevant sector with special significance for the economic and legal development of society. It is designed to offer advanced and interdisciplinary knowledge in a strategic, complex and changing sector of law. The Master’s facilitates the introduction or deepening of research activity for national and foreign law scholars and professionals in a leading field of law of special significance for the economic and legal development of society.

This Master’s is a programme of excellence, pioneer in Spain for its approaches regarding its contents and schedule. The interdisciplinary and dynamic approach that characterises Master’s studies allows the student to acquire the knowledge and skills required to address successfully complex legal issues from different legal perspectives, through a critical, flexible, reliable and excellent discourse. Its aim, in short, is to train legal leaders, front-line scholars and researchers capable of addressing in depth the most complicated current legal issues from a flexible and transverse perspective, connecting the different branches of law and being aware of the unitary nature of law as a whole, favouring a holistic and integrated view of various leading areas of the current legal situation.

The Master’s combines fundamental knowledge with methodological and research training required to begin the preparation of a doctoral thesis. In this sense, completing the 60 credits and earning the Master’s degree in Law, Business and Justice of the University of Valencia enables students to apply for and access directly to the Doctoral Programme of the Faculty of Law of the University of Valencia and begin the preparation of the doctoral thesis and, after defending it successfully, to obtain a doctoral degree from our prestigious university.