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Academic Year 2015-2016


2.-Autopracticum File



The objective of the external work placements is to get the students to access a practice that is close to the professional exercise, under certain control by the tutors, and considering that the approach to the professional exercise is going to allow them to achieve a training that includes knowing (new knowledge, deepening in the knowledge they already have), a know-how (use of tools, situations, behaving with people, project design, application of knowledge and proceedings), knowing how to behave (working with others, directing and coordinating teams, accomplish work routines) and knowing how to be (responsible practice, respect to the deontological code).

The work placements are undertaken in a company, institution or centre with which the Universitat de València (ADEIT University-Business Foundation) has an agreement that is previously signed or recognises them as acceptable destinations. In this las case, we talk about the autopracticum, which means that the working placement is proposed by the student, under the supervision of the work placement coordinator of the degree. The coordinator will assign an academic tutor to the student. The tutor will assist and evaluate their Work Placement Report. The student will write the report after he/she has undertaken the work placement in an institution under the supervision of the tutor of the institution.

Los students will have to pre-register for the work placements through the Virtual Office of the Secretary ( of the Universitat

Curricular Work Placements

The curriculum of the Degree de Philosophy has the optional subject Optional ‘Work Placements’, of 6 Credits (150h). It is not recommended to enrol in this subject until half the credits of the degree are completed, that is to say, until the student is in the third or fourth year, moment when the optional subjects are offered.

There are three action areas:

(a) The teaching of philosophic subjects in secondary education.
(b) Civic, editorial and cultural management.
(c) Advice and consulting (in bio-ethics, corporative responsibility, intercultural cohabitation, social mediation, audiovisual communication, personal orientation, environmental education, etc.).

The competences of this subject will be assessed with a Work Placement Report by the student, under the supervision of the university tutor, as it was previously said.

Extra Curricular Work Placements:

The students can also undertake extra curricular work placements, that is to say, work placements that are not categorised as a subject, integrated in the curriculum. In order to undertake them, the students must have completed at least 50% of the credits of the degree and fill the application at ( The maximum length of these work placements is 900 hours per academic year. The action areas are the same as in the curricular work placements and, it is also possible to turn to the autopracticum procedure. In any case, the work placement coordinator of the degree will guide and supervise the choice and action of the student.