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Assessment process 

The assessment model is based on six guidelines that define the most relevant aspects to asses during the self-assessment process of the teaching.

The analysis of these guidelines helps to make a diagnosis of the situation of the teaching evaluated from which will be develop the improvement plan that it should be implemented as a part of the continuous improvement process.


Self-assessment: the unit assessed through the Self-assessment Committee describes and evaluates its situation in connection with the established criteria, identifying initially those improvement proposals from which will be developed the actions plans that should be implemented once all the process is closed. The result is the “Self-assessment Report”.

External assessment: a group of outside readers for the assessed unit, appointed by the ANECA, and under the management and supervision of the same will analyse the Self-Assessment Report, both through a documentary study and through a visit to the assessed unit, they will give its recommendations and proposed improvements. The result of this phase is the “External Assessment report”

Final: the main results of the assessment process are gathered. In this phase is carried out the improvement plan of the unit, in which the improvement actions detected in the self-assessment phase are listed and the tasks to be done are determined, as well as the responsible, the implied resources and the deadlines for its implementation. Similarly, the indicators of the monitoring of the detected actions as well as the expected benefit of the same are identified.