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On the occasion of the celebration of the 4th European Week of Science and Technology (November 2003), the exhibit “Abriendo las cajas negras” (Opening the Black Boxes) was inaugurated. A collection of scientific instruments of the Universitat de València shows a selection of more than the one thousand two hundred pieces belonging to this collection, listed and inventoried in the Thesaurus project, initiated on the occasion of the celebration of the fifth centennial of that institution. However, with this exhibit, the Universitat de València, foreshadowing the commemorative acts that have place nowadays internationally, dedicated a special section to the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of the three most important discoveries for science: the three-dimensional structure in the form of the double helix for the genetic material, the DNA, proposed by James D. Watson and Francis C. Crick; the first determination of the amino acid sequence components of a protein, the insulin, by Frederick Sanger; and the Stanley L. Miller demonstration of the possibility of synthesize amino acids and other biological components simulating the primitive Earth atmosphere. The Chair for Scientific Dissemination of this University has organised a cycle of conferences to celebrate the events which happened in 1953, the year of the beginning of a social and biological revolution.


Panel 1: Living creatures are carry the information transmitted from generation to generation.

Panel 2: The Double Helix.

Panel 3: Discovery Timeline.

Panel 4: Human Genome: A New Frontier of Knowledge.

Panel 5: More Information.

Panel 6: 1953: Beyond the Double Helix. Sanger Discovers the Thin Architecture of Proteins.

Panel 7: 1953: Beyond the Double Helix. Miller Moves us to the Cradle of Life.



representación de la cadena del genoma humano