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Valencian institutions bring together research staff and investors to accelerate the arrival of biomedical findings to society

  • Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit
  • October 29th, 2019
Presentation of INNOSALUD.
Presentation of INNOSALUD.

Five Valencian institutions, including the University of Valencia (UV), held a forum on Tuesday to present biomedical projects to investors and corporations with the aim of accelerating the arrival of research results to society. The VLC INNOSALUD meeting is the result of the coordinated work of the UV and the Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research of the Valencian Community (FISABIO), Incliva Health Research Institute, Health Research Institute La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital (IIS La Fe) and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

This first edition was held at the FISABIO Assembly Hall on Tuesday, October 29, and a total of 20 investors were interested in knowing first-hand 11 research projects or start-ups from universities and biomedical research institutions.

A helmet for treating neurological diseases with ultrasound and holography; an expansive implant for traumatic injuries; software to help diagnose cancer and other diseases; a 3D modelled vaginal prosthesis for women born without this organ or for transgender people; a puncture sealing device that avoids the risks of epidural anaesthesia are some of the novelties presented in the forum.

Advances were also exposed as a colorimetric sensor to detect bad breath; a technique to predict death by septic shock; an optical microscope capable of visualising anaemia, malaria or diabetes; a single drug capable of replacing the cocktail of medications with which the metabolic syndrome is currently treated or a multifunction control device for laparoscopic surgery that minimises postoperative morbidity.

In addition, investors could contact the inventors of a low price and high sensitivity and specificity system to detect candidiasis.

In order to present their findings in the clearest and most concise way, researchers received advice to prepare the presentation of their projects. All with the aim of accelerating the translation of biomedical innovations so that they reach citizenship beforehand and support entrepreneurship.

VLC INNOSALUD was inaugurated with the presence of Javier Burgos, Director General of Research and High Health Inspection of the Department of Universal Health and Public Health; José Antonio Manrique, Managing Director of FISABIO; Andrés Cervantes, Managing Director of INCLIVA; Maximo Vento, Scientific Director of IIS La Fe; María Dolores Real García, Vice-rector of Innovation and Transfer of the UV and José E. Capilla, Vice-rector of Research, Innovation and Transfer of the UPV.