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Language exchanges

If you want to practise languages in a fun and social way, try language exchanges! Now you can meet people from the University for multilingual conversations:

  1. Go to www.uv.es/llengues/exchanges.
  2. Log in with your University username.
  3. Click on self enrolment.
  4. Add a new discussion topic to the forum of the language you want to learn and write in the subject the languages you offer for conversation. You can also visit the forums of the languages in which you can offer conversation and contact the people who offer the language you want to practise.
  5. When you find a person who speaks the languages you want to practise and who wants to speak the languages you offer, you can get in touch sending a private message by clicking on its name.
  6. You can have a coffee, chat, go to the theatre, to the cinema, on a trip, etc. You decide what languages you practise, what you do and how often you meet.

You can also look for or offer a room in a shared flat with people who speak the language you wish to practice, thus contributing to language exchange without a commercial purpose.