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How to submit a query, complaint and/or claim?

If you need to make a consultation to the Sindicatura Universitària de Greuges, you  can fill this FORM or to call the phone number +34 963983283.

If you want to file a complaint, you can do it individually or collectively with other members of the university community through any of these means:

  • Online Office
  • At the Registry Office of the Universitat de València or any of the branch offices (FORM)

You should try to make a clear description of the facts and of the subject of complaint and also provide the appropriate personal information to contact with you.

The University Ombuds Office guarantees the confidentiality of your claims.

The ombuds officer will study the case once the processing of the claim has been accepted, he/she will contrast and complete the information, and will issue the corresponding report and will propose the adoption of measures and repairs to whom he/she considers competent in the case.

The Ombuds Office of the University of Valencia invites you to get involved in finding solutions for improving the functioning of the university, so that everyone will participate in the dissemination of a culture of responsibility in the practice of their own tasks.