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Audiovisual Service

The Audiovisual Service attends the audiovisual needs of the different centres located in the Tarongers Campus.

Develops  management incidents work when appear some problem with some of the audiovisual equipment such as, cannon, transparency and slides projectors, video and sound, microphones, etc.

As a service of the University of Valencia in the Tarongers Campus offers advice for teaching staff, the preparation of audiovisual documents and help in all those events that require technical support for the development of the same, such as recording different courses, carry out the technical part of various events done by videoconference, to broadcast contents upon request.


  •     To take care of the classroom equipment and institutional areas.
  •     To register institutional events.
  •     To support the users through the service points.
  •     To support and advice the teaching and research community of the Tarongers Campus in the production of audiovisual and multimedia materials.

Customer service

  •     Personalised attention, Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 21:00, in morning and afternoon shifts, at the 1P05 office of the Central Department Building.
  •    By email:
  •    By phone: (34) 660 58 24 12                                                                    
  •    Internal extension phone (UV): 90701 

Usage guidelines

  •     All requests will be formalised through an application form that you can find in "Forms".
  •     We will establish a strict order of arrival to solve the coincidences in time.
  •     We give priority to urgent incidents in classrooms.
  •     We will not accept services that require exclusive dedication.
  •     The requests should arrive within a margin of 5 academic days in order we can organise the work.
  •     We remind you that to solve computer incidents there are other services.