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Security and vigilance

The security company CASVA SEGURIDAD, S.L. ,provides the service 24 hours a day within the perimeter of the Tarongers Campus (see page)

The security service is divided into three zones:

AREA A (Right wing, Faculty of Economics, Gregorio Mayans Library and SEFE)

ZONE B (North and South classrooms, student parking, Serpis Zone and Services Building) and

ZONE C (Teaching, CCSS, West Lecture Room, María Moliner Library, body language pavilion, and student parking)

This service is managed exclusively from the Campus Unit and from here we elaborate the needs and variations of its staff, we will receive the daily reports of incidents and we process the orders and authorizations that proceed.
Any incident or suggestion regarding the provision of the security and surveillance service, should be sent to the Campus Management Unit,.

Edificios Departamentales, Biblioteca Gregori Maians y Campo de Deportes 669 883 166 (21510)
Aularios Norte y Sur y Parcela Calle Serpis 669 883 177 (21511)
Parcela Magisterio y Ciencias Sociales 669 883 190 (21512)
Seguridad 24H    (CASVA )
902 253 347