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Career opportunities

Graduates in Catalan Studies can develop their professional careers in four main areas:

•      Teaching of the Catalan language and its literature

•     Linguistic and cultural consulting in audio-visual media, publishing companies or public administration, including writing, correcting and translating texts

•      Cultural management, both in public administration entities and in private      companies

•      Research in language and literature


With regard to teaching of the Catalan language and its literature, the Bachelor’s Degree in Catalan Studies provides preferential access to the Master's Degree in Secondary Education Teacher Training in the programme of Catalan Language and Literature. With this postgraduate degree, the Bachelor’s Degree in Catalan Studies enables students to teach the knowledge acquired, taking into account the different levels and teaching contexts of the Catalan language and literature: a) the context of compulsory secondary education and upper secondary school, in the different courses and levels, and b) the context of adult education and the language training of professionals. In the field of teaching, students gain knowledge of the official educational curricula, teaching and learning programming and learning assessment. Moreover, they become familiar with educational materials and resources to teach the Catalan language and its literature, such as specific materials (textbooks and others) or readings adapted for different levels.

As for linguistic consulting, especially in the public administration and the media, students must develop the following abilities and skills: the ability to translate texts, mainly from/into Catalan and Spanish; the ability to carry out consulting tasks and linguistic and stylistic correction of legal-administrative and media texts, and the skill to use specific computer tools and software in the area of ​​Catalan Studies.

Regarding cultural management, mainly in the field of publishing and literary activity, students must acquire knowledge of the practices of the language and culture industries, and of the components of the literary circuit in the Catalan language. Besides, students must develop cultural management skills related to the philological editing of texts, text commentary and literary criticism.

Finally, the Bachelor’s Degree in Catalan Studies provides the basic knowledge and skills to start a research career in language and literature, including an introduction to experimental methodologies of qualitative and quantitative analysis. As to the latter, graduates can proceed with further training and access specialisation through MA and PhD programmes and pursue research careers in universities or other research centres.

By adding postgraduate studies, graduates in Catalan Studies can pursue a career in a variety of professional activities related to the four fields described above. Besides, the Bachelor’s Degree in Catalan Studies provides solid grounds for professional development in the field of literary criticism.

The current labour market needs people with the qualified knowledge and training that the Bachelor’s Degree in Catalan Studies provides. For this reason, employability is high. Students are able to gain first-hand working experience via traineeships in companies or public institutions. This way, they are enabled to develop activities related to their training.