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Admission profile

The Bachelor’s Degree in Catalan Studies is aimed at students with a special interest in the Catalan language, culture and literature. Thus, it is advisable that new students have basic knowledge in human sciences and social sciences, together with a good disposition for logical reasoning and critical thinking. The general objective of the degree is to develop different capacities that allow students to acquire a philological training.

It is highly recommended that new students possess the following basic knowledge and skills:

•      Oral and written expression and comprehension skills

•      Ability to work independently and in groups

•      Ability to relate, analyse and synthesise concepts

•      Ability to memorise

•      Reading habit and intellectual curiosity

•      Interest and curiosity about languages ​​and literatures

•      Knowledge of the Catalan language norms

•      General knowledge of Catalan literature

•      Knowledge of foreign languages

•      Knowledge of basic ICT tools