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Presentation of the Faculty

The Faculty of Medicine and Odontology is responsible for the administrative management and the organization of University Courses leading to the achievement of the Medicine and Surgery Graduate Degree and the Odontology Graduate Degree.

Its most important functions are:

  • Produce Study Plans offers
  • Organize, coordinate and supervise teaching
  •  Promote cultural activities and University extension courses
  •  Serve as a participation vehicle at the UV’s Governing Council
  •  Management of the Faculty’s budget allocation and monitoring of its own services

Historically, the Faculty can be considered as one of the most prominent Spanish Medical Schools for five centuries. In this time, it has been subjected to diverse social, economic, political and cultural factors. For this reason, the quality of teaching, the peak of its scientific production and its capacity for adaptation to the most renewing medical trends has changed over the years. Consequently, the creation of the Licenciatura in Odontology (10/86 Law) the Faculty of Medicine changes its name to Medicine and Odontology to handle the teaching of both Licenciaturas from the 1987/88 Course.

It is integrated in the UV’s structure, a Public Law institution, with its own legal status and heritage, with its rights acknowledged by the Constitution and the rest of laws in force. The University is self-organized following its Statutes, and depending on the purpose, in Departments, Faculties, Technical Schools, Training Schools, University Schools, Universitary Institutes, Residence Halls and all the Centres and Services necessary for the performance of its functions.

The Faculty of Medicine and Odontology, therefore, is governed by the UV Statutes and by the Faculty’s Internal Regulations.