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During the whole Degree in Medicine at the UV, the students make different types of practicum looking for the achievement of the quality objectives in the medical training and following the guidelines of the ANECA.

During the first and second year, the practical lessons represent the 40% of the two academic years and are carried out in different places prepared for this purpose such as the dissecting room, the microscopy room, laboratories and IT classrooms. Moreover in some subjects, the students are split into groups and make a supervised team work with exhibition of contents included in the agenda; in other subjects, visits to museums and institutions of interest, attendance at conferences, etc. are included. This practical lessons prepare progressively the students to integrate the acquired knowledge to the subsequent clinical training.

From the third year until the fifth year, the practical lessons represent the 50% of the three academic years. Laboratory practices and IT practices are maintained for some subjects and the realisation of classroom practices, in the form of a seminar, is usual in all the subjects of these three years.

From the third year the modality of clinical practices is included in different university hospitals and from the second semester of the third year, the totality of fourth and fifth year, the students receive all the practical training in the four university hospitals. From the fourth week of each quarter and until the end of the academic period, the students carry out practical training integrated in the University Hospitals from Monday to Thursday. This training consists in practical lessons, in the form of seminars, which takes place early or late in the morning; and clinical practices performed in the clinical services of the hospital, during the slot 10:00 and 13:00, for each subject. Each group of students is assigned to the same University Hospital during the whole academic year.

During the fourth year of the clinical practices in the medical-surgical subjects, they have a specific organisation so that each student is assigned a five-week itinerary in each semester; thus it is achieved that the students have a broad and deep contact with the clinical reality.

For further information about the organisation of the training of the fourth course, you can consult the following link: Practical organisation Fourth  course

During the sixth year, the training is exclusively practical, with the Supervised Practice subject which consists in the realisation of 8 periods of 4 weeks each one, with clinical content in University Hospitals. Each student belong to the same Hospital during the whole course, performing 4 mandatory stays in Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Emergency and Psychiatry; 2 stays in services of medical specialties and 2 in services of surgical specialties. These stays will be chosen by the student at the moment of the enrolment, depending on the available places in each academic year by the different hospital services.

The realisation of the clinical practices are based on the development of the existing agreement between the Universitat de València and the Valencian Department of Health with the four concerted University Hospitals. These are: Hospital Clínico Universitario, Hospital Universitario Doctor Peset, el Consorcio Hospital General Universitario y el Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe.3


Hospital Clìnic Universitari
Hospital Universitari i Politècnic "La FE"
Hospital General Universitari
Hospital Universitari Dr. Peset

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