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The objectives of the Institute are:

  • To develop and foster research activity related to historical and social studies on medicine and science.
  • To offer postgraduate teaching (at master's and doctoral level) in the field of the history of science and scientific communication, within the framework of the University of Valencia's Official Postgraduate Programmes.
  • To carry out activities to disseminate and popularise scientific culture.
  • To preserve, study and propagate our historico-medical and historico-scientific heritage, by digitalising printed texts, cataloguing and studying the collection of medical and scientific instruments and disseminating our bibliographical and documentary holdings.

  • Promoting research.
  • Organising post-graduate and doctoral courses, specialised courses, sessions, seminars and congresses.
  • Promoting the dissemination and transference of the results of research within the field of the corresponding lines of work.
  • Elaborating reports and decisions on request of public and private institutions.
  • Elaborating didactic materials relevant for the organisation of courses, seminars and other educational activities.
  • Establishing permanent relationships with other Spanish and international institutes and centres of research.
  • In general, promoting any initiative aiming to support study and research.
  • Promoting and developing activities of dissemination related to the fields of research.
  • Conducting activities related to the tangible and intangible bibliographical heritage linked to its field.