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Included here are some websites on the history of medicine and science created by research staff of the Institute, containing the main links related to these areas.

Full agenda of events in history of science, technique and medicine taking place in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencian Community.
Medicine, history and society
A blog devoted to medicine in its historical and social context, by José Luis Fresquet.
History of medicine
A site created by José Luis Fresquet containing information on the history of medicine: search engines, metasearch engines, portals, web resources, libraries, manuals, reference works, dictionaries, journals, biographical resources, cartography, a presentation of the history of medicine, terminology, instruments, medical systems, institutional information, medical eponyms, digital presentations and links on the history of medicine.
History of chemistry
A site on the history of chemistry created by José Ramón Bertomeu, containing information on projects and research groups, such as STEP (Science and Technology in the European Periphery) and COMIC (Scientific Instruments Commission, Catalan Society for the History of Science and Technology) (Comisión de Instrumentos Científicos, Sociedad Catalana de Historia de la Ciencia y de la Técnica), EuCheMS (European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences) and the Orfila project; classic texts; history of science journals; bibliography on the history of chemistry; a virtual presentation; programmes and courses; scientific terminology; and a series of links related to the history of chemistry.
Research project “Sanidad internacional y transferencia de conocimiento científico, Europa 1900-1975 (International Healthcare and scientific knowledge transfer, Europe 1900-1975), directed by Josep Lluís Barona Vilar, Sanhisoc Group
Project dedicated to the study of production and dissemination of vaccines (especially smallpox vaccine); children health; experimental studies about hunger and nutrition; food security regulations; the role of international health bodies against trachoma; transfer of knowledge and internationalisation of healthcare practices (community nursing), in the Europe from 1900 to 1975.
Database of Research on Health and Perinatal and Child Psychopathology
Database arising from a collaborating agreement between ASMI Scientific Society, the Spanish affiliate of WAIMH (World Assocation for Infant Mental Health) with the López Piñero Institute for the History of Medicine and Science (CSIC-UV). The main aim is to promote research through an environment of shared information on scientific and research activity in the field of health, the psychology and perinatal and child psychopathology, the education and other areas favoring child and family health. The researchers in charge are Pascual Palau Subiela by ASIM and Julia Osca Lluch by López Piñero Institute for the History of Medicine and Science.
Base de datos de bibliografía española de ciencia y de la técnica

Publicaciones aparecidas en revistas o realizadas por autores españoles.