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Car driving simulator composed of two driving positions that along with an instructor position allow the reproduction of all type of dangerous situations while the driver is controlling a reproduction of a real car.
Development of a 3D Interactive Game to help and provide information to future entrepreneurs to learn how to become self-employed.
The Intelligent Eye project is a mobile application that provides contextual information, that is, relevant information for the user depending on their location.
"Observaciones Instantáneas" (Observations Snapshots) is a tool for the study and control of operations involved in a job.
“Cronos” is a timekeeping tool used for making studies of time. The objective is to simplify the measurement process, eliminating errors and computational difficulties, so that no effort is required when working.
FOREM Andalucía has opted for introducing new technologies in their training courses. Augmented Reality has been chosen as the most promising solution.
The BIOMIMO project is developed jointly with IKERLAND Research Centre. During the development of this project the ARTEC group has researched how to apply motion capture techniques, multimodal interaction and augmented reality for the development of an orthopedic brace of 5 degrees of freedom.
Second version of the ENSISAM simulator, for which 4 post of immersion simulation were developed. Each post has stereoscopic projection, motion capture using an infrared camera and a wireless controller.
VALLE is a tool for design and visualisation of roads and road infrastructure, where users can design or modify the road layout interactively and in a tridimensional shape.