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IRTIC has designed and developed the whole system using off-the-shell components with the collaboration of the firm “Motrix: Centro de Simulación”. It represents a step forward, since it integrates a motion platform.
Staff location system based on interactive technologies to be applied in construction environments (LINEO).
Like in the industrial sectors of wood, toys and textiles, the presentation of the product is essential in the commercial environment of the ceramics sector and a key element in its market strategies.
Virtual Fire is a training system for fire prevention and extinction with Augmented Reality developed for the firm Virtual Fire S.L.
This project has two different applications with well-defined objectives. The first was a simulator of Delta Wing, which allow flying over the province of Valencia.
ObservAR project allows traveling to different sights of Valencian Community using Augmented Reality. This project is part of the exhibition "Valencian regions: conversations with the Territory", in collaboration with the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture of the University of Valencia.
The project of SICURA –Edificació (SICURA-Building) consists in facilitating the rethinking and monitorisation task of the building process in order to avoid or minimize execution errors.
ENTEPRASE Singular and Strategic Project. Researches on Technologies of Guided Treatment by Image and Simulation for a Safe Clinical Practice (PSE-300000-2009-5, Sub-project PSS 300000-2009-26).
The new paradigm of interaction known as Augmented Reality shows users virtual information about the real world. With it, users move around the real world as they usually do but getting extra information with devices such as a HMD.