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Second version of the ENSISAM simulator, for which 4 post of immersion simulation were developed. Each post has stereoscopic projection, motion capture using an infrared camera and a wireless controller.
VALLE is a tool for design and visualisation of roads and road infrastructure, where users can design or modify the road layout interactively and in a tridimensional shape.
The Simulator of Occupational Risks related to Traffic is a training system for up to ten drivers at the same time, which can be moved to different physical spaces with the aim of bringing the training in situ to the employees themselves.
Design of a vehicle interior equipped with smart technologies that can detect the driver’s behaviour (healthy habits against dangerous behaviours in the context of safe driving), as well as the study of the parameters that characterise the vehicle and the driver in the previous moments to an accident.
The aim of PREVISOR (foresight) project (raised to 3 years in the period 2006-2008) is the implementation of a simulation system of construction environment using the latest technologies based on real-time computer graphics (Virtual Reality).
, simulation environment of maritime rescue situations The need of training and assessment of maritime rescue procedures and the impossibility of performing these tasks in real conditions can be resolved through the use of immersion simulation techniques.
This project has been done in collaboration with Centro Educación Destino , dedicated to vocational training, it aims to use immersive techniques of high-quality training and labour risk prevention.
Development of the 3D visual system, of autonomous traffic management and of the exercises management system for this bus and truck simulator to train professional drivers for LANDER.
These projects developed with several companies have the common aim of the realization of displays of architectural designs of buildings.