The conferences of Unisocietat continue during the month of May in all the headquarters

  • May 3rd, 2017
Conferències UNISOCIETAT

The programme of conferences open to the general public and free has the purpose of completing the academic year of UNISOCIETAT and to encourage the rest of the citizens to continue with their training. Benetússer, Cullera, Quart de Poblet, Massamagrell, l’Eliana, Requena, Gandia, Alzira, Paterna and Ontinyent will host conferences during May.

The first conference will take place today Wednesday 3 May. The professor Bernardo Gómez Alfonso (Department of Mathematics teaching) will give the conference ‘The measure of time: the counting of the calendar’ at the Cultural Centre ‘El Molí’ in Benetússer (Horta Sud).

The headquarters of Cullera (Ribera Baixa) will host this month two conferences. Both will take place in the Municipal Auditorium of Cullera. The first of them ‘The origin of life’, is given by the professor Juli Peretó, from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and it takes place on 3 May. The second one, on 24th, will be given by Juan Francisco Pardo Molero (Department of Modern History) and it will be entitled ‘The moriscos of the Kingdom of Valencia and form La Ribera (1525-1609)’.

The International Centre of Gandia will host the day 3 May the conference ‘With the divine protection. The worship of the Gods in the Ancient Rome’ which will be given by Miquel Requena Jiménez (Department of Prehistory, Archaeology and Ancient History) and vice-dean of the Faculty of Geography and History.

The following day, 4 May, at the Cultural Centre ‘Feliciano Antonio Yeves’ in Requena, the professor Pura Peris Gracía (Department of Financial Law and Legal History), will give the conference entitled ‘All that you have always wanted to know about taxes and you have been afraid to ask’.

On Tuesday 16 May, the professor Guillermo López García (Department of Language Theory and Communication Sciences) will give a conference about the political change in the Valencian Country at the Massamagrell Cultural Centre (Horta Nord).

The town of l’Eliana (Camp de Túria) will host the Wednesday 17 May at the Training Centre for Adult People the conference ‘Bibliographic and documentary heritage: a challenge’ given by the professor Mª Luz Mandingorra Llavata (Department of Medieval History and Historiography Sciences and Techniques).

On Thursday 18 May it will be the turn of the conference of Ontinyent (Vall d’Albaida). The Caixa Ontinyent Cultural Centre will welcome the professor Ana Mª Botella Nicolás (Department of Musical, Plastic and Body Language Expression Training) who will share the reflections about ‘The music for the festivity of Moors and Christians: analysis of an original genre for the band’ with the attendees.

On 18 May the conference cycle of UNISOCIETAT will arrive into the Social Centre of Paterna (Horta Oest), where Isabel Mateu Andrés (Department of Botany) will speak about ‘What we don’t see about plants but affect us’.

In the Cultural Centre of Alzira (Ribera Alta) the professor Ester Alba (Department of Art History) will share her studies through the conference ‘Discovering the mountain: the Valencian landscape painting’.

Finally, on 25 May, the headquarters of UNISOCIETAT at Quart de Poblet (Horta Oest) will host the conference of Jesús Perales and Jean Rwiyamilira (Department of Research and Assessment Methods) who will speak about ‘Music and interculturality: the percussion brings us closer to Africa’ at the Cultural Centre of Quart de Poblet.

The series of conferences UNISOCIETAT, which will continue monthly throughout this academic year until June, has been organised by the Vice-Principal for Territorial Projection and Participation, with the collaboration of the local governments of Ontinyent, Quart de Poblet, Cullera, Massamagrell, l’Eliana, Gandia, Alzira, Paterna and Requena, and the financial support of Caixa Popular and Caixa Ontinyent (in la Vall d’Albaida). The monthly conferences complement academic course of the programme ‘Unisocietat’, which bring more than 1.500 enrolled in 2016-2017 students together.

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