The extension of the Botanical Garden of the Universitat de València will stress the importance of the Valencian flora

  • June 19th, 2017

The Principal of the Universitat de València, Esteban Morcillo, and the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, have participated this Monday in the presentation of the Botanical Garden expansion project. ‘This new botanical space’ will stress the importance of the Valencian flora and will create a green area with its own nature, placed in the pedestrian network at Beato Gaspar Bono. The Botanical Garden environment will become a green pedestrian block with access to all the garden area.

The presentation ceremony has taken place at the Joan Plaça Auditorium of the UV Botanical Garden. After the interventions of the Principal and the mayor, the Vice-Principal for Participation and Territorial Projection, Jorge Hermosilla; the director of the Botanical Garden, Isabel Mateu, and Ignacio Díez, responsible of the Cercle enterprise and coordinator of the project, have explained all the details related to the project.  The session has concluded with an open colloquium.

‘The new botanical space’ is created with the aim of becoming a green area for the citizens that stresses the importance of the Valencian flora through a contemporary design. This project has been carried out by a group coordinated by the vice-principal of the Universitat de València, Jorge Hermosilla. So, the following people have participated in this project: the director of the Botanical Garden; the coordinator of the Chair for Citizen Participation and Valencian Landscapes, Emilio Iranzo; the coordinator of the group of Promotion of the European Research Projects Office (OPER), Carlos Martínez; and Luis Juaristi, manager of the Technical Unit for Architecture.

‘The new botanical space’ can be the entrance to the Botanical Quarter through the Turia path.

According to the project, the extension of the Botanical Garden has been carried out with a contemporary design. Contrary to what happens to the conventional botanical gardens where the visitors can access to them in order to understand their flora, ‘the new botanical space’ will be viewed from the outside as a garden created for the knowledge of our environment. Street, it will be possible to see some Valencian flora species and a sample of the most representative vegetal landscapes of the Region of Valencia. “Apart from the preservation and the knowledge, this space will have different uses and carry out some activities that promote the social understanding of this place that has been forgotten many years”, has stated the vice-principal Jorge Hermosilla.

Dossier of the extension project  available here.

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