Science audiovisual communication in a digital environment is the focus of the Sessions TVMorfosis/contd

  • May 31st, 2017

The sessions will take place in several locations of the Universitat de València between 1 and 3 June. This is the 10th edition of the CONTD (Contents for Digital Television) Sessions, which works together again with TVMorfosis, one of the meetings about audiovisual communication in Ibero-America.

The sessions, which have television format, could be followed live on this link and via Twitter #TVMORFOSIS.

TVMorfosis/CONTD takes place from 1 to 3 June, and was announced this Wednesday 31 May at the historic building of La Nau. In the event, the documentary Vidas y bebidas, will be displayed. This is a co-production in which participates the Chanell 44 of the Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico) and the Audiovisual Workshop of the Universitat de València, among others. The event will count on the attendance of Antonio Ariño, vice-dean of the Universitat de València; José Luis Moreni, assistant director of Cinema and Audiovisual of the Valencian Institute for Culture (IVC); Maria Teresa Chàfer, general director of the Rural Development and Common Agricultural Policy of the Valencian Government; Gabriel Torres, director of Canal 44 of the Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico; and Miquel Francés, director of the Audiovisual Workshop of the Universitat de València.

On the other hand, the official opening will be this Thursday 1 June at 10:30h at the Audiovisual Workshop and will count on the attendance of Esteban Morcillo, dean of the Universitat de València; Gabriel Torres, director of Canal 44 of the Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico; José María Vidal, regional secretary for Communication of the Valencian Government; Bienvenido León, professor of the Universidad de Navarra and responsible of the research project VIDEONLINE; and Miquel Francés, director of TAU. The closing ceremony will be on 2 June at 21:00h and will be headed by Rafael Crespo, vice-dean of Postgraduate Studies of the Universitat de València.

There will be again meetings and workshops about audiovisual production of science contents. To conclude the sessions, a workshop of the co-production of the documentary La ciencia del vino will take place on 3 June at Celler del Roure, located in Les Alcusses de Moixent, in Terres dels Alforins (Valencia), in which participate some panellists and speakers.

TVMorfosis/CONTD is an initiative that tries to open a discussion forum in Europe and Ibero-America to reach conclusions about the current situation of the digital data flow and to provide referents of equilibrium and regularization in several areas of the Audiovisual Communication.

TVMorfosis/CONTD has a different format in comparison to the classical sessions or conferences, because it is an audiovisual format that combines several live programmes. The debates and interviews of this edition are focused on the radical impact of Internet in the relationships of the actors involved in the public science communication, creating a more open and participative environment, in which innovation has an important role.

This new approach is contributing to a development rich in formats, styles and ways of dissemination, in which the creativity has no limits. In the scientific audiovisual environment, the video online represents more than 70% of the total traffic data network, so it becomes a key content to communicate science in a more attractive way to the public. However, the new ecosystem suggests numerous challenges that producers, diffusers and audiences will have to resolve as soon as possible.

During the sessions, we will listen to the opinions and considerations of experts and analysts, professionals of the audiovisual field, idea people, telecasters, researchers and European and Ibero-American students of communication. It will count on the intervention of the following people: Guillermo Orozco, from Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico; Alberto Ligaluppi, from Dirección Nacional de Contenido, Argentina; Lloyd Davis, from Otago University, New Zealand; Sri Kalyanaraman, from Florida Univeristy, USA; José Azevedo, from Oporto University; Alexandra Falla, from the Colombian Film Heritage Foundation; Max Boykoff, from Colorado University, USA; Mario Alfaro, from SINART, Costa Rica; Arnau Gifreu, from Universitat de Girona; Blanca Lilia, from the Congress TV channel, Mexico; Josep Gavaldà, de la Universitat de València; Joachim Allgaier, de la Alpen-Adria Uniersität, Austria; Michael Bourk, from Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait; Pedro Sierra, from Universidad Nacional de Mexico; Juli Peretó, fromUniversitat de València; Alejandro Piscitelli, from ILCE, Mexico; Alfredo Sabbagh, from Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla; José Alberto García Avilés, from Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche; Gema Revuelta, from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona; Fernando G. Moreira, from Brasilian Association of Television-ABTU; Ángel Figueroa; from Universidad Nacional de Mexiico; Ma Carmen Erviti, from Universidad de Navarra; Gerardo Ojeda, from ASECIC; Alicia de Lara, from Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche; Diego Mollá, from Universitat de València. The sessions will be hosted and moderated by Carolina Moreno and Germán Llorca, from the Universitat de València.

TVMorfosis/CONTD will act on this occasion as a platform for the presentation of the definitive results of the Project R+D VIDEONLINE, coordinated by Professor Bienvenido León, who has the support of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce. The programme will be complete with two sessions about communication headed by some researchers and experts in the main topic of the sessions.

Furthermore, as usual in the CONTD sessions, the students of the official master’s degree in Audiovisual Contents and Formats of the Universitat de València, will present their projects in a pitching session to a jury composed of some responsible of TV and producer enterprises. On this occasion, the professionals who will evaluate the projects are Javier González, from TVE; Ernest Sorrentino, producer and director; Alberto Ligaluppi, from the Dirección Nacional de Contenido, Argentina; Miquel Garcia, from TV3; and Emilio Oviedo, from Productors Audiovisuals Valencians (PAV). Then, there will be a consulting sessions of the projects with Giovanna Ribes, from Tarannà Films; Carlos Mochales, from TVE; Enrique Viciano, from Buenpaso Films; Germán Pérez, from Canal Zoom, Colombia; and Ernest Sorrentino.

The event will be produced and carried out by Canal 44 of the Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico) and the Audiovisual Workshop (TAU) of the Universitat de València in order to be broadcasted on live through an Ibero-American and European radio-television academic and cultural space. This is possible thanks to the collaboration of Asociación Brasileña de Televisiones Universitarias (ABTU), Canal Zoom (Colombia), SINART (Costa Rica), lAsociación de Profesionales de Audiovisuales Universitarios (APAU) and Asociación Española and Europea de Cine e Imagen Científicos (ASECIC).

All the sessions will take place at the Audiovisual Workshop (TAU) of the Universitat de València (C/ Serpis, 29 – Valencia), except from the opening day on 31 May and the co-production workshop on 3 June. We remind you that the opening, the debates and interviews can be followed on live in this link

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