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Four years ago, under the motto 'The University that You want', we presented a programme to the university community that wanted to confront the main challenges that the Universitat de València faced in a world that is in constant change.

'Responsibility and Transformation' were two concepts that go together with the motto of this candidacy, that offers dialogue, participation and pursuit of consensus as a form of government, and responsibility and effectiveness as management principles.

The pandemic that has marked these last two years has accelerated transformations that were already ongoing in our society, and also the Universitat de València. It also has manifested the importance of dialogue and the participation that we proposed in the decision-making process and the relevance of an intelligent cogovernance.

This has allowed us to attend to this important global challenge and, along with the responsibility of everyone involve in the Universidad, especially those who have management positions, to obtain the achievement of maintaining an active and prepared Universitat de València to respond the necessities of society.

Four years ago, we also proposed to promote actions that allowed everyone in the university community to achieve what they wanted and to feel free.

Today we present a renewed programme and team, who have experience, but also youth, to look after every challenge that we have in front of us, thinking all the time in people, who are the core of Universitat de València.

Mavi Mestre