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The University today

Universitat de València nowadays stands out at the more prestigious international rankings as a leader institution on a national level, both in results of research activity and in indicators of teaching quality.

We are the first European University in Erasmus mobility. We coordinate the Ibero-American net of Confucius Institute. We occupy the general secretary of the Ibero-American Scientific and Cultural Television Association. And we are part of the RCC partnership with Hardvard University.

This leader status is the result of the endeavour of all the university community in the application of a group of institutional policies, in which people can find themselves in the centre of the institution.

As a consequence of the imposition of the effective replacement rate, the staff, both PDI and PAS, present high quantity of middle age members. In order to face this situation, inside the normative framework, processes of stabilization and promotion of PDI and PAS have accelerated, advancing the promotions before finishing their temporary contracts.

Our own scholarship and international research and cooperation aids policy have been maintained in a restrictive budget context. Specially during the health crisis due to the pandemic of COVID-19, an important effort has been made with specific resources to avoid that no one is left out of the University for economic or lack of means reasons, providing computing equipment and internet connection. The payment of receipts has been delayed every time that has been necessary.

Universitat de València stands out nowadays for the adaptation of its educational offer to those claims people and socioocupacional environments need by promoting new degrees, double degrees and international double degrees' programmes.

Entrepreneurship and occupation programmes have received important boost to offer opportunities to postgraduates, that present high levels of occupation six months after they finish their degree at Universitat de València, emphasizing the consistency of the work done with their degree.

Research done at our Universitat is one of the best in active, thanks to the quality of our researchers that have continued to stand out during the pandemic and that have proved, once more, the importance of science in the development of societies.

Our university nowadays holds in their Scientific Park a broad range of technological companies that contribute to the development of new industrial sectors in the Valencian economy.

A contribution that is done from activities of knowledge transference to society and the economic fabric, and innovation.

However, Universitat de València now is much more than teaching, research and transference: it is a first-rate cultural agent that spreads its activity beyond their university campuses.

The wide net of agreements, as well as Institutional Chairs with companies, Public Administrations and social organizations, set the Universitat de València as an institution rooted to its territory fulfiling the objective of vertebrating Valencian society.

Extended through four university campuses (Blasco Ibáñez, Burjassot-Paterna, Tarongers and Ontiyent), Universitat de València has an important architectural historic patrimony, but also scientific equipment and cultural goods, in order to preserve their conservation while using it in the present.

In the case of the historical building La Nau, the palaces that now hold the Colegio Mayor Rector Peset and the International Relations and Cooperation Service, and the bicentennial Botanic Garden.

In this vision of the future, Universitat de València takes a chance on digital transformation, both in its teaching and management activity, bringing together on-site dimension and online services. This is the spirit by which the protected building is being rehabilitated. It will be the headquarters of Espai Vives, an integral centre of services, participation and revitalization directed towards students.

Thereby, recently a new Electronic Administration has been implemented, as well as the new online system of General Registry and chatUV. The latter is a service that provides different services and that uses artificial intelligence and personal inquiries to give a satisfactory answer to those information claims.

Technology that serves people in a shared view that opts for equality, diversity, inclusion and sustainability as transversal values of a public university that is also Valencia: a university that shows our identity to the world and that answers those needs of the Valencian society.