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Research and Transfer: essential for the society's progress

Year after year, the Universitat de València is featured prominently among Spanish universities in research indicators and rankings. Our goal is to maintain that excellency and improve the research and transfer.

The main commitment in the field of research is to attract and retain talent. The researchers are our main asset and, over the last few years, we have incorporated quite a number of research staff of excellence. We must provide conditions that allow them to develop cutting-edge research, because they are the present and the seed of the research’s future in our university.

We must take the opportunity that the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan offers for research, digitalization of scientific activity and management, and continue to modernize our infrastructures and scientific equipment.

The digitalization of management, the commitment to Open Science and assured ethically responsible research are only some of the challenges that we must face in the upcoming years and to which we must give appropriate responses.

The innovation needs to drive scientific development of our university. It’s not just a future commitment, but an essential element of the progress of a technologically advanced society. We must provide an improved environment for our researches to ensure that scientific innovation is maintained and consolidated at the Universitat de València.

The reporting of the research activity, innovation and transfer to the society is a duty of the institution and its staff. We must be able to value our activity in a clear, understandable way, highlighting the brand "Universitat de València" as a guarantee of quality.

The role of our university as a transmitter of knowledge must contribute to strengthening the relationship between science and society, generating interest in science and promoting scientific careers.

Innovation and transference