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Functions and cross-cutting policies: values and social commitment

The three traditionally recognised missions of the university -teaching, research and transference- do not end with the university's responsibility towards the society to which it belongs and which sustains it. To the transmission of knowledge must be added the transmission of the university's own values, which contribute to the advancement of society and the improvement of people's lives. The aim must not only be to train the best professionals in their field, but to try to train the best citizens, trained in values and in the critical spirit necessary to face current and future challenges responsibly.

In this sense, university culture is one of the fundamental missions of the Universitat de València, both because of its social commitment to the conservation and dissemination of cultural heritage and because it is a point of reference in Valencian society, with special attention to its culture and language. The cultural offer at the Universitat is considered as an essential axis of university life and the centre of the university community's participation, as a generator of innovation, creativity and knowledge. Furthermore, through the different cultural programmes, the Universitat will be present in the territory, linked to social needs through its commitment to inclusion and cultural diversity.

Internationalisation is one of the key axes of the 21st century university. Student mobility, in which we occupy a leading position at European level, is consolidated and strengthened with the creation of supranational networks that join forces to achieve the greatest excellence. The European Universities initiative, in which the Universitat de València participates with its FORTHEM consortium, pursues a structural and systemic change of the European Higher Education Area and is at the forefront of this transformative change.

Closely linked to internationalisation and commitment to Valencian society is the promotion of multilingualism among the university community. The Plan to Increase Teaching in Valencian has achieved linguistic equality between Spanish and Valencian in undergraduate degrees; in the coming years we will have to move towards an even more ambitious multilingual policy that responds to the demands of the world of work, but also of an increasingly globalised society.

The Universitat de València, in its commitment to social justice, reaffirms its dedication to equality, diversity and inclusion policies. With this, it maintains the objective of guaranteeing real and effective equality between the women and men who make up the university community, as well as ensuring compliance with the principle of equal opportunities and non-discrimination of people with disabilities, and recognising and valuing the richness of affective-sexual, family and gender, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity. Because 'all people contribute, all people matter'.

Society is increasingly aware of and committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, as evidenced by the emergence of new associative movements of all ages, but especially among young people. It is time to redouble our efforts. There are less than 10 years to go until 2030, the target date for achieving these goals. That is why this is called the decade of action.

The Universitat de València will not be left behind; we are going to advance in all the areas defined by the United Nations, both in sustainability and cooperation. We will work to raise awareness among the university community about climate emergency, equality and peace, promoting sustainable consumption and production. We will ensure inclusive and equitable quality education with solidarity, and we will pay special attention to people, the most important part of the University, facilitating healthy lifestyles to guarantee the health and wellbeing of all: #XLaGenteXElPlaneta #ForPeopleForPlanet.

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