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Resources and governance: keys to university policy-making

The main lines of university policy considered in this electoral programme have been presented in the preceding pages. To carry them forward requires a set of resources and a governing style to manage them, as well as mechanisms of information and accountability.

Infrastructures are an important element in support of programme objectives for the fulfilment of the University’s missions. Adequate facilities, sufficient, of quality and guaranteeing the comfort of people are essential to achieve this. Moreover, only a technologically advanced university can face the challenges of teaching, research and management in an effective way. To achieve this, we need to move forward two axes: technological means and people.

In the first axis, progress must continue to be made in providing up-to-date, effective and user-friendly management applications, agile teaching environments that allow access to the software inside and outside the classroom, and all of this covered with reinforced cyber-security, of which users are aware in their daily lives. In the second axis, people must be able to improve their digital skills with appropriate training, and must be heard in the decision-making processes on technology needs and improvements.

Therefore, the Universitat de València must continue to forcefully lead the claim, before the Valencian Government, for a long-term funding model for the Valencian Public Universities.

A well-considered, balanced funding that takes into account the singularity of our University, with several campuses, a rich heritage, a wide range of academic offerings and a large number of students, staffing levels that need and deserve to be renewed, expanded and their salaries improved, and excellent research, innovation and transfer that must continue to be strengthened. Funding that allows us to improve the system for allocating financial funds to university centres, departments and institutes.

Besides, in an institution of our size, it is essential to develop a corporative, multilevel, coordinated and effective information that allows people to feel proud of their University and the people that are part of it.

In a high-spirited communicative ecosystem, in constant change, the Universitat de València must present itself to society in an effective and efficient way, using the main platforms for the dissemination of its activities, and creating its own windows for the dissemination of contents.

Effectiveness and efficiency in communication, transparency in management and participation in decision-making are basic pillars for an open government.

The Universitat de València has been characterised in the last few years by promoting shared governance in decision-making, which has proved to be essential, especially in a complex environment like the current one and in a university imbued with the democratic spirit that emanate from our Statutes.

We will continue with this style of government of shared proposals and decisions in which we firmly believe.

We will strengthen the mechanisms of transparency so that the university community, and society, will get to know better our University, its structures, its competences, its results and the management of the people who occupy the positions of responsibility.

Information Technologies
Economic Sufficiency and Stability
Transparency, participation and open government