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People: you are what matters the most

The core of the Universitat de València are the people who make up the university community: students, administration and services staff, teaching and research staff, research staff in training. Our university must continue to advance without leaving anyone behind, talking and working with everyone.

Students are, without a doubt, the centre of the Universitat. Our efforts are aimed at ensuring that they can achieve their goals as individuals and professionals, and that they can respond to the needs of our society in an ethical and creative way. It is a question of offering them the best academic training, but also of accompanying them from the beginning of their studies until they enter the labour market, as well as encouraging student participation in university life, in culture and in the governance of the institution.

We must ensure that the public authorities guarantee equal opportunities for students to access and pursue their studies, without discrimination on economic or other grounds, because as a university public service we have the mission entrusted to us by society to contribute to eliminating inequalities. We will place all the resources of our university at the service of this objective.

Although in recent years the staff of the administration and services staff of the Universitat de València has been subjected to severe restrictions due to the imposition of the replacement rate, it has shown that its commitment, professionalism and dedication is the basis on which the institution's progress in achieving the challenges we face in the coming years is sustained. A modern university cannot be understood without motivated, trained, recognised and well-organised administrative and services staff, with good working conditions.

The career progression of PAS is a fundamental element of the people management policy. New technologies must be a key tool to promote transformations that will improve the efficiency of work, the well-being of people and the creation of a digitalised administration. Management structures must be reviewed in order to move towards a model of quality in the public service we provide. We will maintain our commitment to the professionalism and improvement of this group, to their stabilisation, promotion and training.

The teaching and research staff of the Universitat de València is essential to guarantee quality teaching, research and transfer. The coming years present regulatory uncertainties linked to the planned new Organic Law of the University System. We must ensure that this framework is an opportunity to resolve the structural problems of teaching staff: insufficient posts, excessive temporary work and lack of staff renewal, due to the replacement rate and the budgetary limitations that we have been suffering for years and which must be overcome.

It is necessary to continue with a multi-year strategic planning of the PDI in the different areas of knowledge, using as criteria the deficit of permanent and civil servant teaching staff to attend to teaching, the temporary nature and ageing of the staff. This will allow us to reach a consensus on decisions regarding the review of staffing levels and the allocation of new teaching posts. We will maintain our commitment to the stabilisation and promotion of teaching staff, managing in the best possible way the limitations of a replacement rate that should disappear. But we will also continue to demand greater funding from the public authorities and regulatory changes that allow for the improvement of the working conditions and remuneration of the teaching and research staff, especially government authorisation of the collective agreement and the reform of the legal regulations for teaching staff.

Administrative and service staff
Teaching and research staff