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Chair for Feminist Economics

The Chair for Feminist Economics of the Universitat de València (UV) and the Government of the Valencian Community’s (GV) Valencian Department for Sustainable Economy, Trade and Work are born to incorporate gender perspective to Economy’s studies, analysis and application in the Valencian Community from the university field via the carrying out of different training, research and dissemination activities.


The Chair for Feminist Economics works in coordination with the Universitat de València’s University Institute of Women Studies (IUED), establishing a joint effort to open up new fields of knowledge in the study of gender relations and the overcoming of any type of discrimination, valuing the existing multidisciplinary experience in the area of feminist studies, women and gender.

In 2020, the Chair made organisational changes and created the Comisión de la Cátedra de Economía Feminista del IUED by continuing the already-developed work with the goal of supporting the Chair’s Management and serving as link for the coordination with the IUED.

Since its beginnings, the Chair weaved collaborative laces with the Feminist Economics Network’s activities via the organisation of the I Escola d’estiu d’economia feminista (2018) and the VI Congress of Feminist Economics (2019). The Chair also cooperated with other institutions and bodies brought together by a common interest: The Faculty of Economics and various other chairs of both the UV and the UPV, fundación Las Naves and Economistas sin fronteras, among others. The promoted activities include the meetings with civil society and the feminist movement “Fem Economía Feminista” a la Nau and Diálogos desde la Economía Feminista, as well as the first and second Conference on Care.

Since its creation in 2017, the Management of the Chair for Feminist Economics has been headed by:

  • Dr. María Luisa Moltó Carbonell

Full University Professor for UV’s Foundation of Economic Analysis Department and one of the founders of UV’s Seminari Interdisciplinar d’Estudis Feministes; she was also the director of the University Institute of Women’s Studies and the UV’s Master’s Degree in Gender and Equality Policies.

  • Dr. María Amparo Ballester Pastor

Full University Professor of Labour Law and Social Security and Director of the UV’s University Institute of Women’s Studies. She’s also vice-president of the university studies platform for feminist gender studies. She holds a Doctorate in Law by the Universitat de València and a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Labour Relations by the Cornell University (United States). She’s currently a national expert on behalf of Spain in the European Network of Legal Experts in Gender Equality and non-discrimination (an advisory body of the European Commission in gender studies). She has been Substitute Judge of the High Court of Justice of the Valencian Community from 1996 to 2015, and a visiting Professor in several European and North American universities (Osgoode Hall Law School -Toronto, Canada-, Université de Montréal–Canada-, Stockholm University –Sweden- and the Catholic University of Portugal, among others).

  • Dr. Ana Isabel Marrades Puig

University Professor of Constitutional Law and Member of the Feminist Network of Constitutional Law. Her research activity has focused especially on fundamental rights issues from a gender perspective, being attached to the Institut Universitari d’Estudis de les Dones. Among her publications, the monograph "Lights and shadows of the right to motherhood" stands out and she is the co-author of "Gender violence in the population of immigrant women" and "Challenges for the Constitutional State of the XXI century: rights, ethics and policies of the watch out". She has carried out research stays at different universities in Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States (Università di Pisa, University of Virginia, University of Kent and University of London (IALS), collaborating in the research and teaching fields. In the university teaching field she has also participated in several teaching innovation projects, among which she has coordinated the Network of Universities for teaching innovation from a gender perspective. She is also a professor of the Master’s Degree in Gender and Equality Policies at the Universitat de València, as well as the subjects of " Gender relations, politics, citizenship and society ". Her latest research focuses on new rights from a gender perspective for constitutional change and especially on the right to care, coordinating with María Luisa Moltó the axis of care of the Chair for Feminist Economics.