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The Cultural Volunteering of the Universitat de València focuses its activity in two main university spaces: the Cultural Centre La Nau and the Palau de Cerveró.

Activities in the building of

La Nau. The building was historically known as Estudi General and is located at 2 University Street Cultural volunteers are in charge of showing the different spaces of interest: Cloister, assembly hall, patio of the principal, capella, board room of the Office of the Principal. In the visit they will explain the history of the Universitat and the most relevant personalities related to it. It will also address the architectonical evolution of the building and the renovation of the building in 1999 on the occasion of the 5th centenary of its foundation. This visit tends to last for 1 hour and depends on the number of members of the group.

The exhibitions. Cultural volunteers also attend guided visits to temporal exhibitions that are located in different rooms of the building: Oberta Room, Acadèmia room, Estudi General room, Martínez Guerricabeitia room. The exhibitions address a wide variety of topics: heritage collections, university memory, contemporary creation, projects related to the lines of research of the Universitat, the social and cultural commitment, the support to humanitarian actions and private collections and the dissemination of the local culture. The duration of the visit depends on the characteristics of the group and the existence of a didactic workshop that complements the project. However, the duration does not exceed 1 hour.

Activities at Cerveró Palace

The office of the Institute of the History of Medicine and Science “Lopez Piñero” is located in 4 Cisneros Square.

Permanent exhibition.Ciència i societat collects part of the scientific and medical collection of the Universitat de València. 1-hour guided tour.

Temporal exhibition. Interesting projects related to science are exhibited in the rooms “José Puche” and “Lluís Alcanyís”. The duration of the guided visits depend on the project, but is never over an hour.