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Academic recognition

According to the governing council of 23th July 2019 (ACGUV 161/2019), the workshops are recognised with ECTS for bachelor’s degree students.

  • 1 ECTS for attending the training sessions.
  • 1 ECTS for participating in some of the entities that intervene in the space of experiences by means of a certificate issued by the entity of a minimum of 20 hours of work.

Not attending should be properly justified and attendance should never be lower than 80%.

The certificates will be sent by email.

The incorporation of credits to the academic record, as it is set out in the law of taxes of the Valencian Government “Equally, the 25% of the price of the registration corresponding to the optional ECTS or university activities listed in the article 12.8 of the Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29th October, establishing the regulations of official university education, will be paid when the university proceeds to the recognition of ECTS after it has been asked to do it by the student. The rest of the taxes will be paid entirely.” (Article 14. 3-5 of the Law 20/2017, 28 November, of the Valencian Government, of taxes.