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The Cultural Volunteering offers the opportunity of knowing and participating in the Universitat in a completely different way, approaching cultural activities and the dissemination of its heritage.

The building of La Nau became a cultural centre since it was renovated in 1999. The centre organises the activities of cultural volunteering and dissemination of university heritage.

In addition, being a cultural volunteer means accessing to general and specific education on each of the cultural activities that are developed, making their voluntary task easier while contributing to their own personal enrichment.

Being a volunteer:
“It implies the participation in the activities in an altruist way, without receiving any economic compensation. These activities have to be conducted in the core of non-profit public and private organisations on specific programmes or projects of general interest that are linked to civic, educational, cultural, scientific, sports, healthcare or environmental activities. The volunteering activity can never substitute a work place” (Law 6/1996, of 15th January of Volunteering).