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Paco Ibáñez

Paco Ibáñez. Serenates 2019. Concert. 28/06/2019. Centre Cultural La Nau. 22.30h

Serenates 2019. Concert. Centre Cultural La Nau

2019 Serenades

50 years of the Olympia
Paco Ibáñez

2019, Paco Ibáñez international tour on the occasion of the birthday of his historic concert in 1969 at the Olympia in Paris: Paco Ibáñez, who has become a living legend and a point of reference for several generations, offers us a journey through the songs of that historic moment in 1969, and will link them with his new compositions. His songs will
transport us to a space of love and freedom, a space of resistance to injustice, violence and horror, a space that vindicates humanism in the face of the barbarism of the 21st century.

Not numbered seat. Limited capacity

Early ticket sale (PVP 3€) at or La Nau Cultural Centre