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La Colla de Dolçaines i Percussió de la Universitat de València, directed by Juan Ramon Martí, was born in 2016 with the aim of being a stable, representative and innovative group in the field of traditional music, always from a formative point of view.  It is made up of young students from the Universitat de València, who want to improve their training in the performance of traditional Valencian music. 

 Its activities are carried out with the support of the Musical Activities Area of the General Foundation of the Universitat de València. 

A Little bit of history...

At the beginning of the 20th century we could hear through the streets of the village the melodies of a solo of dolçaina that, accompanied by a tabalet, rounded off the fashionable rhythms and made old and new melodies sound.

 Without realizing it and with the passing of the years, the dolçaina players are disappearing from our fests and from our streets and the sad disappearance of a generation of self-taught musicians begins, who had travelled through our villages with such dedication, giving life to the dances and the fest. 

Along with all these vicissitudes suffered by the interpretation of the dolçaina, there is a rumour that struggles to survive, and are the families of dolçainera tradition and sagas of dolçaineros who without ceasing to work, to interpret the family legacy and against all kinds of enemies who approach them, continue forward so that what they want more does not disappear.

Over the years and in the decade of the 70s, the dolçainer Joan Blasco popularizes that one is called dolçaina en sol, that allows to unify the sonorities and the tunings. Of his school has a wave of young dolçainers who branch out schools all over the Valencian Community. This incident propitiates another unknown formation until the moment when the dolçaines and percussion collects. They begin to form groups of two or three dolçaines and a tabalet, and with the passing of time the number of members that make up these groups increases, in order to celebrate colla or gran colla and offer concerts of music typical of regional parties and works by renowned authors.

In the last few years the learning of the instrument has been so accepted that the educational community has decided to consider and facilitate the study. This decision, to which the Universitat de València is added, is a barrier to the protection of the instrument, so that it does not become in danger of disappearance.