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The Club Coral de la Nau Gran de la Universitat de València was created in January 2011 as a music education project run by the University of Valencia Extension Office and the Board of Musical Activities- Area of Musical Activities since January 2016-.

The Club Coral de la Nau Gran de la Universitat de València is open to everyone over the age of 55 who wishes to sing, regardless of their prior choral experience or musical training. 

Music accompanies us during our lifetime: it is with us since childhood, at school, on the radio, on the television, when we fall in love and when someone passes away.  Also, at some point in our lives, we have felt the curiosity of approaching the world of music. By singing in a choir we will able to do so without needing a deep knowledge of music theory. We can share it with others and it will help us value teamwork.  And, most importantly, it is never late.

Choral singing uses our natural expressive resources such as voice, silence, rhythm, speech, and body movement in order to make music. The choir provides a common space where we all can create, play, express ourselves, and discover our sounds and those of others. A space where no one is more important than the other and everyone is part of a unity.

In order to sing together it is necessary to an environment that encourages emotional expression and playful activity, where perceptions, sensations and body experiences allow us to find out our own abilities and develop them with our own bodies and sounds.

Furthermore, singing is an educational tool that contributes to the learning of new technical and theoretical knowledge, improves diction, attention and memory, and fosters extrovert personality and behaviour. On the other hand, memorisation of rhythms and melodies stimulates time sequence and speed of response.

 As regards methodology, learning is based on repetition and memory.  Music sheets are delivered to approach music literacy progressively.