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Tenores di Neoneli

Tenores di Neoneli. Serenates 2019. Concert. 03/07/2019. Centre Cultural La Nau. 22.30h

Serenates 2019. Concert. Centre Cultural La Nau

2019 Serenades

"Gramsci, un’Omine, una Vida”(Gramsci, a Man, a Life)
Tenores di Neoneli (Nioneli Tenors) 
(with Orlando and Eliseo Mascia)

Tenores di Neoneli (Neoneli Tenors) is a band born in September 1976. They are one of the greatest exponents of the ancient musical traditions of the great Italian Mediterranean island of Sardinia, located between the “Italian boot’’ and Spanish eastern shore. They present us the style known as “cantu a tenòre”, a harmonic traditional style
complex a cappella singing so unique that has been included in the Unesco world heritage list.  This concert is part of the Festival Polirítmia (Polyrhythm Festival).

Not numbered seat. Limited capacity

Early ticket sale (PVP 3€) at or La Nau Cultural Centre