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Sis veus

Sis veus. Serenates 2019. Concert. 07/07/2019. Pl. del Patriarca. 21.30h

Serenates 2019. Concert. Pl. del Patriarca

2019 Serenades

Los días y las mujeres (The days and the women)
Sis veus (Six voices)

Festival Polirítmia (Polyrhythm Festival) and Gran Feria de Valencia (Valencia Great Fair)
Los días y las mujeres (The days and women) is the second project of the group Sis veus (Six voices), a formation made up exclusively of women, all of them from Valencia, coming from different fields of music, but especially from traditional Valencian music.  They will present popular pieces arranged for the occasion together with original themes
of traditional inspiration.  All at the service of a story that places women in the different stages of the life cycle.  Lola Andrés' poems intertwine the songs and structure the whole.

Free entry, limited capacity