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The winter music program of the University of Valencia begins with 17 concerts

  • Fundació General UV
  • January 12nd, 2023
Chapel of the Sapience of the historical building of the University of Valencia.
Chapel of the Sapience of the historical building of the University of Valencia.

The Music Hall of the University of Valencia, directed by Professor Guillem Escorihuela, premiered its winter program on January 11, and for three months will offer 17 concerts in the different university campuses.

Admission is free with an invitation that must be booked 72 hours before each event here:

With this intense program, which highlights Valencian performance and production, Professor Guillem Escorihuela begins his journey as academic head of the Aula, who has set as a priority objective in this new stage, "to promote the spreading of musical culture among members of the university community and, by extension, to project this spreading to the society in which the University of Valencia is inserted".

Therefore, from the beginning, the program practically duplicates the usual number of concerts and also adds new performance spaces such as the Charles Darwin Hall of the Burjassot-Paterna Campus and the Palmireno Hall of the Faculty of Geography and History, which are added to the auditoriums that traditionally host the musical program of the University of Valencia: the Chapel of La Sapiencia de La Nau, the Auditori Joan Plaça of the Botanical Garden UV and the Hall of the Wall of the CM Rector Peset.

In this way, the Music Hall takes the leap to the university campuses, integrating in its programming close collaborations with other programs, such as Culture als Campus of the Service of University Culture of the Vice-Rectorate for Culture and Society (University Culture Service of the Vice-Rectorate of Culture and Society).

Other of these collaborations are: the first of the programmed concerts, on Wednesday the 11th, at the Rector Peset, by the pianist Héctor Tarín, which followed the presentation of the book 'Aproximació a la vida i obra de José Antonio Valls Subirats (1958-1983)', organized together with Publications of the University of Valencia; on Wednesday, March 1, at 7 p.m., in the Sapiencia Chapel, which is included in the Mozart Marathon of Les Arts and will be given by the pianists Claudio Carbó and Carlos Apellániz; on Wednesday March 8, in collaboration with the Unity of Equality of the University of Valencia, the Piacere dei traversi will perform the program 'El mecenatge de Germana de Foix, virreina de València', as part of the commemorative activities for Women's Day (at the Chapel, 7 p.m.); on March 9, the Charles Darwin Hall will host the concert of the Philarmonic Orchestra of the University of Valencia, conducted by Beatriz Fernández, within the program Culture als Campus (19: 30 hours); and on March 30, which will be the closing of the seasonal program, the Palmireno Hall will become the stage for the violoncello ensemble of the Orchestra of the UV, which will perform, as part of Culture als Campus, at 19:00 hours.