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Una de diazepam al dia

A blackboard with the message stop the stigma on mental health

La Nau Theatre. By Cía. Tripolar - Teatre per a la Salut

La Nau Theatre

Una de diazepam al dia, (One pill per day) by Cía. Tripolar - Theatre for Health. Script and management, Jorge Climent Llopis.

“Una de diazepam al día” aims to offer in a humorous way a humanize vision of the mental health and contribute to firmly reject each type of stigmatisation and discrimination for whom suffer any type of mental disorder. The play, of an about sixty minutes, is divided in three acts in which there will be appearing characters with intertwined stories. Carlos, the main character, is going through a rough patch. He will be meeting people that, like him, life daily concerns, what will cause that they look for a similar solution. A misunderstanding with medical prescription will led Carlos to make a change in his life, a healthy change, a change that, using his same words, “have changed his life”.

Theater tickets can be booked in advance at la Tenda de la Universitat (UV shop) at La Nau, and at the University campus, or on its website ( Tickets €2