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The Chair co-organizes a conference on Law innovation.

  • September 29th, 2020
Book cover.

On September 29th 2020 the Conference on educational innovation of the Faculty of Law took place: “Higher education in times of pandemic”, co-organised by the Chair for Linguistic Rights, along with the Valencian Local Law Chair and the Faculty of Law.

The goal of the conference was to build a space of reflexion on educational innovation and present the projects included in the book La innovación educativa en Derecho: nuevos métodos para una sociedad en transformación, directed by Francisco Javier Palao Gil, María Dolores Mas Badia and Chair Director Vicenta Tasa Fuster and published by Tirant Lo Blanch.

After the inauguration in charge of Director-general of Language Policy and Multilingualism Management Rubén Trenzano Juan and Dean of the Faculty of Law Francisco Javier Palao Gil, the book directors presented it. Then, Francisco Imberbón led the opening presentation “The university was created for me. Good and bad practices in current university”, which was followed by the innovation project presentations.