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The UV Chair of Linguistic Rights will hold the Summer School ‘Minority languages: linguistic rights and practices’

  • May 2nd, 2022
Picture of the International Centre of Gandia
The International Centre of Gandia.

This activity, organised in collaboration with the Forthem Project, will take place in Gandia within the framework of the 39th Summer University of Gandia (UEG), from July 18 to 22, 2022. The registration period will be open during the month of May.

This is a training proposal on the rights associated with minority languages and the practices of their users. The planned activities are aimed at the construction of knowledge by the students themselves based on the materials provided through participatory dynamics.

The organising team is made up of people with recognised experience in dealing with the problem addressed: the co-directors of the Department of Linguistic Rights, Vicenta Tasa and Rafael Castelló, and the Head of the Languages and Linguistic Policies Unit, Ferran Suay, have produced multiple publications linked to the proposed object of study. On the other hand, they also represent a strong institutional commitment of the Universitat de València to the proposal, since all three are responsible for vital units of the university itself.

The structures linked to the organisation of the proposal are: the Chair of Linguistic Rights, the Summer University of Gandia and the Office of the Vice-Principal for Internationalisation and Cooperation, in collaboration with ELEN.

The activities will take place in the city of Gandia, where the Universitat de València has the facilities of the International Centre of Gandia. The scheduled dates are between Monday, July 18 and Friday, July 22, 2022.
Each day begins with a keynote speech by a guest speaker. This will be followed by a participatory activity carried out by the attendees, organised in groups. What the speaker has proposed will be discussed to conclude with a proposal shared by the team. Subsequently, the topic will be discussed in a Round Table in which two guests will participate along with the contribution of the attendees. The session will conclude with a Discussion.

The proposed Summer School serves FORTHEM’s strategic objectives:

  • to educate future generations of people who are open and committed to our common democratic values.
  • to encourage reflexivity on classroom practices and stimulate the use of innovative and participatory student-centred methods.
  • to promote multilingualism.
  • to address societal challenges and enhance the vision of an open society for tomorrow's European citizens.

Registration to attend the Summer School “Minority languages: linguistic rights and practices” will open in May.

More information about the course (pdf)