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Volume 19, 1998

Number 3 (start of the electronic publication)

S. Corral, J. Otero, A. Barrenetxea y O. Landeta Information and guilty knowledge test in detection of deception. 


J.L. Padilla, A. González y C. Pérez. Instructional differences and differential item functioning: Agreement between the Mantel-Haenszel and the logistic regression


 E.F. Cabrera. Utility analysis: Assessment of the financial impact on human resources programs.


 M.C. Ximénez y R. San Martín. El análisis de la conmensurabilidad en una medida de ajuste persona-ambiente: Un estudio empírico.


D. Luna y J.M. Merino. Efectos de la reducción parcial del sesgo hacia el procesamiento del nivel local sobre la transición en el orden de procesamiento.


F. González. Colateral excitation in differential inhibition: Additional effects from extinction of excitatory cues during training.


E. Rosa y M. Perea . Associative facilitation for words, but not for pseudowords with masked presentations of the prime.


M. Perea, L. Fernández y E. Rosa. The role of the lexical status and the frequency of the prime on the unrelated condition using the technique of the masking of the prime.


M.C. Puerta-Melguizo, M.T. Bajo y C.J. Gómez-Ariza. Semantic competitors: Normative study of 518 pairs of concepts


 B. de Frutos, M.A. Ruiz y R. San Martín. Confirmatory factor analysis on the dimensions of commitment to the organization.


 J. C. Ruiz, S. Algarabel, C. Dasí y A. Pitarque. Role of diagrams on knowledge organization: Evidence from pathfinder and multidimensional scaling.


 A. Pitarque, J.F. Roy y J.C. Ruiz. Neural networks vs. statistical models: Simulations carried out on classification and prediction tasks.